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Inertia UI

Inertia is the name I've given to my long term research and prototyping projects based on user interfaces. Implementations have been written in C++, Io, and now Dylan. I've also designed a few mockups along the way.

  Ruby Inertia UI
  Ruby Inertia is a live user interface environment similar to Squeak and Self, in that there is no distinction between edit and runtime program modes. Prototypes have been written in C++, Io, Dylan, and now Ruby. It's a research project, so new ideas are being prototyped and explored. But it also has the goal of being very usable. Simplicity is one of the major goals.
  Dylan Inertia UI   Dylan Inertia is a vector UI library written in Dylan. It's a concept I've been pursuing, in other incarnations, for the past few years. Development started in October 2005, so this is a very early release. The main goals are simplicity and reuse, and the ability to edit the layout of a running program. The library is available in libraries/inertia in the svn source tree.
  Inertia Io   I've written a few versions of a UI in Io, that last of which used a magic lense to edit widgets in place in a running program. All windows are textured, and I started toying with Quartz Extreme type effects like animating the closing of windows. An earlier incarnation of Inertia Io allowed arbritrary widgets in the view hierarchy. Below, you can see a 3D rotatable teapot in a menu.
  The Context User Interface   An old, incomplete article I started to write a few years ago about putting the focus back on the user. It has some history about other user interfaces such as Sun's Self and Squeak.
    Dylan Inertia     Inertia Io
    An early screenshot of Dylan Inertia.     A screenshot of Inertia Io
    A PDA Style Desktop Mockup     Another Interface Mockup
    This is a mockup I did very recently in September, 2005. It tries to combine the simplicity of a pda with the real estate of a desktop.     An Adobe Photoshop mockup using some Inertia concepts.
    Inertia Interface Mockup     Inertia Io
    An older, circa 2002 Adoble Illustrator mockup demonstrating the different concepts of Inertia.     An earlier version of Inertia Io
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